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The Studio Stick is the world's first portable recording studio for smartphones and tablets. This is perfect for musicians, podcasters, audio book recorders, teachers, or anyone with a voice who wants to be heard.

 Studio Stick comes in a small 20-inch container that opens and extends to your height. Once extended and expanded, a microphone, pop filter, mic stand, reflect filter, and phone holder are revealed -allowing the artist to record high quality songs or audio anywhere. Just connect the phone, start the app, and record!



Modern artists don't have instant, easy access to high quality sound-recording equipment. This makes it difficult for artists to capture their spontaneous moments of creativity.



The Studio Stick is a portable recording studio that allows users to compose and create high quality music/audio and save it directly on their smartphone or any other mobile smart device -anytime, anyplace.



The Studio Stick team is composed of industry professionals with over 20+ years in the entertainment business, contract manufacturing, and successful product branding. We saw a market opportunity with this patented design and wanted to help rising artists, social media influencers, podcasters, and creatives world-wide.